Saturday, June 20, 2009


I've been meaning to actually put myself through one of the courses that I taught at college - in this case the Fundamentals of Drawing. Originally it was so that the students could see what level of effort is expected on their part, expecially when it comes to the visual diary aspect, but also for my benefit. Working on a computer means that I don't draw nearly as much as I should. So I may post bits and pieces of what I come up with, depending on how dodgy they are.
Last night I was struck by the need to sketch Frederick, a character from Adam Duncan's film, The Adjustable Cosmos. I've done a few animation scenes in Flash with this particular character so wanted to see how I'd go hand-drawing him. There's also a rather ghey elf in there that I drew previously in an attempt to draw something I don't normally draw. And now I remember why.

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