Sunday, May 18, 2014

Animation Mentor Term 02 - Week 07

Final dog walk cycle (until after feedback, of course!)

Reference video for next assignment. There are jumps in it as it's several takes patched together.

I did my planning by using Flash, as I've found it easier to both adjust timing and change the animation rough keys. As my time frame limit is 250fr, it seemed best to have the character leap over the back of the chair rather than walk back around it. Since I couldn't do that without probably injuring myself, I Flash-ruffed it instead to see if it'd work:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Animation Mentor Term 02 - Week 06 After Feedback

  Comparison with submitted version:

 Comparison with submitted version:

Animation Mentor Term 02 - Week 06

I was unable to progress as far as I would've liked on the walk refining as I had to travel interstate for a wedding and thus had to hand in my work 3 days early.