Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wall Street Cyclops

There was a Nate Wragg Interview and contest over at Sketchoholic, with the topic of 'Wall Street Cyclops'. I had several, half-formed ideas that weren't really pertinent to the topic, and had not enough time (for me) to do a decent job on the idea I did go with. I had intented to make the building look like an arrow going up while the design of the cyclopic bull was meant to represent an arrow going down. But that didn't work, plus it'd contradict the bull metaphor of a surging market. The background is meant to be reminiscent of a US dollar bill. Again, doesn't come through. Aaahhhh, these half-formed ideas!

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Charles Santoso said...

Nice quirky ideas there, man. I like the hidden meanings/symbols in this image. also, thanks for the kind words in my blog. All the best!