Sunday, January 2, 2011

Xmas Break Sketches

Whilst in Perth, I had my sketchbook with me. My aim was to draw a little each day, mostly from the Posemaniacs website.
A chance to visit the Perth Zoo with Mr Teal, Timothy Merks, Rosaline Lau and Aeronik arose. Zoo sketches are always patchy for me. I start off concentrating on one animal, then as the day goes on, my focus wanes. Plus, some animals never sit still! The pygmy marmosets were so cute but fidgeted and leapt about constantly.

Hands. Not my strongest, so the fact that the Posemaniacs site had hand close-ups meant I could spend a bit looking at these.
A small portion of the sketches taken from the figures on Posemaniacs. I'd do 30 second and 1 minute poses, mostly, as I need to draw faster. Oftentimes my page would end up a total mess as I'd draw poses overlapping since it's an exercise more than a display piece. Consequently they ended up looking like a Futurism piece like Nude Descending A Staircase. Or in my case, Smashed Nude Falling Off A Cliff. These are a few of the cleaner ones, with some I went over afterwards for more clarity.

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