Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chiustream #51

Chiustream is like the Intensity Club, so 1 hour to do a drawing. Today's topic was Ultimate Fighting Creature... and looking at my effort, I don't know what brief I was following! This is what happens when you put me under pressure... I think I lock myself into a drawing too quickly without really thinking whether or not it suits the topic, so that's something I can try to keep in mind for Intensity Club on Saturday. I'm on the cusp of being rather annoyed/irritated with myself about it, but to be honest, I don't think that'd help me in any way. If the end result I'm after is "adherence to the topic", I'd rather just keep it at the forefront of my mind than get shitty about it. I'm shitty enough during the day without lumping this on top of it. Plus I got my fat arse out of bed and did a drawing. That's not bad.
My thumbnail sketches are still sitting at the top of the image. I was trying to get a good pose before starting on the final choice. I also tried to get in some varying colours in the creature. The blend isn't successful, but I've gotta dive in and try it otherwise all my work's gonna look flat.
Maybe I should write myself a check-sheet and pin it to my Cintiq for when I do these drawings. Can't hurt!

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portia said...

I think your ultimate fighter looks like an otherwordly mongoose. If a mongoose can kill a King Cobra, its a pretty efficient fighting form. I think the form you chose is fine. Maybe he could be about to chomp on something a little more formidable.

You underestimate how talented you are because you belong to a pretty talented club the rest of us can't get into.