Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life-drawing 20th June 2010

Mmm, today wasn't as successful as I would've liked. I could blame a few factors: the light levels in the studio were low so I was actually having trouble seeing my page (not to the extent that I couldn't see the lines but I would've liked better lighting), that the model was 15 minutes late so the class organiser got her kit off instead (that in itself didn't disturb me so I can't really attribute my difficulties to that), and I had forgotten my usual drawing materials. I think maybe I was just having a bad drawing day. I had intended to try a white chinagraph on black paper to try something different. I think the reversal of shadows as the light areas threw me somewhat.
Class is suspended for two weeks, so it'll be the zoo next week. Hope the weather won't be as ratty as it was today.

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